How to Get Telegram Fake or Virtual Number?

Guide to Getting a Telegram Number: Comprehensive and Detailed Information

Telegram is a popular messaging app with millions of users worldwide. Users enjoy various features, including text messages, voice and video calls, file sharing, and more. A phone number is required to create a Telegram account. This guide will explore different methods of getting a Telegram number, the advantages and disadvantages of virtual numbers, and things to consider.

1. Using Your Own Phone Number:

The simplest and most secure way to get a Telegram number is to use your active phone number. Telegram sends you a verification code via SMS or call. Once you enter the code, your account is activated.

Advantages of using your own number:

  • Secure: Since the number is registered in your name, your account security is higher.
  • Free: You don't have to pay any additional fees.
  • Easy: The verification process is quick and straightforward.

Disadvantages of using your own number:

  • Privacy: Your phone number may be visible to other users.
  • Multiple accounts: You will need different numbers to open multiple Telegram accounts.

2. Using a Virtual Phone Number:

Virtual number providers like GetCode allow you to get virtual numbers from different countries. You can use these numbers to create Telegram accounts.

Advantages of using a virtual number:

  • Privacy: Your phone number remains hidden.
  • Multiple accounts: You can open multiple Telegram accounts with a single number.
  • International numbers: You can get numbers from different countries.

Getting a Virtual Number with GetCode:

  1. Download and install the GetCode app.
  2. Create an account and purchase a package.
  3. Select a country and number.
  4. Enter the number during Telegram registration.
  5. Retrieve the verification code from the GetCode app and enter it.

Using a Telegram Virtual Number:

  • Enter your virtual number during Telegram registration.
  • Retrieve the verification code from the GetCode app and enter it.
  • Your account will be activated.

Things to Consider:

  • Choose a reliable and legal virtual number provider.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the virtual number.
  • Be aware of the account suspension risk.

Fake/Foreign Numbers:

The terms "fake" or "foreign" numbers are a bit ambiguous. The aforementioned virtual numbers can be considered in this context.


  • Some people may use old, unused phone numbers to create Telegram accounts.
  • Telegram accepts landline numbers in some countries.

In summary:

Different methods exist for getting a Telegram number. Using your own number is the most secure method. Virtual numbers offer advantages for privacy and multiple accounts. However, it is necessary to consider the risks.

The method you choose depends on your individual needs and priorities.

Additional Information:

  • Creating a Telegram username: You can create a username that allows other users to find you without sharing your phone number.
  • Telegram groups and channels: You can join groups and channels without sharing your phone number.
  • Privacy settings: Telegram offers various settings to protect your privacy. You can control who can see your profile, whether your phone number is visible, and how other users can find you.


Telegram offers various features to protect your account security, such as two-factor authentication. By enabling this feature, you will need to enter a password and a code to log in to your account. This significantly reduces the risk of your account being compromised.

Additional Information on Virtual Numbers:

  • Free virtual numbers: Some platforms offer free virtual numbers. However, it is important to be cautious about the reliability and availability of these numbers.
  • Temporary virtual numbers: Some platforms offer temporary virtual numbers that you can use for a specific period. These numbers are ideal for protecting your privacy.

Tips for Creating a Telegram Account:

  • Use a strong password.
  • Enable two-factor authentication.
  • Avoid sharing personal information on your profile.
  • Be careful about clicking on messages and links from unknown people.

About Telegram:

I hope this guide has helped you with getting a Telegram number.

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Nothing! When you buy a number, the amount equal to the price of your number is frozen in your balance. If you cancel your number before SMS comes, your balance will be restored. Only your numbers that have received SMS will be deducted from your balance.

We are sorry for this :( We cannot guarantee 100% delivery for every country and service. Therefore, if you do not receive an SMS within 3-5 minutes, we can suggest you to cancel your number and try again. Thanks to the stars we put in the number list, you can observe the delivery performance of that service in that country and make your choice accordingly. We generally experience such delivery problems in countries under $2. We are working hard to improve our services.

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